Resident Information

Quality Assurance

The Willows has an ongoing Quality Assurance Program to ensure we maintain the highest standard of care possible.

If you have any suggestions or comments you wish to make about out service, please let us know.

The Willows is a stage 2 licensed home and a member of the New Zealand Aged Care Association.


The company was founded in 1977 and was named Pepper Tree, and was renamed the Willows in 1988.

The Willows is situated at 16 Princes Street Otahuhu Auckland.


We care for residents in a homely environment, with respect and friendliness and with the aim of maintaining or restoring maximum independence in their functions of daily living and delivering quality, holistic care incorporating a strong sense of empathy, dignity and regard to individual rights, needs and wishes, regardless of culture, race or creed.


The Company employs between 27 full-time and part-time staff, some of which are registered nurses, enrolled nurses and nurse aids with or without RCA qualifications.

Staff are given ongoing in-house education.

Nurses have been chosen not only for their professionalism and clinical expertise but also their approach to the residents.

They have been selected and trained with patience, understanding and care a priority.

Staff are introduced to the incoming residents on admission. We are committed to providing quality care and service within an encouraging and cheerful environment, with an emphasis on maintaining a strong sense of dignity and independence of residents with varying physical and/or intellectual challenges.

We believe that all care and services must be delivered with compassion, professionalism and empathy,and with the practice of Quality Assurance.

We encourage a high level of wellness by maintaining a caring and stimulating environment.


Our doctor maintains a weekly visit and will see all residents on a regular basis, or a doctor of your choice. In the case of an emergency, your doctor should be prepared to attend at the home. Please indicate on admission.


From time to time it may be necessary for the resident to attend a specialist, X-ray, medical center, dentist, hospital or other such appointments. It is the next of kin or agents responsibility to arrange transport.


We have engaged an experienced pharmacist for medication dispensing. You have the choice of your own if you wish.

Medications are controlled by nursing staff and are strictly monitored to ensure your medication is dispensed safely and correctly.


This service is available and arranged through the doctor or manager (Manager).

Resident Committee

We encourage all our residents to be part of the resident committee.


We do not allow any person to smoke in the rest home or hospital, but we have a designated area for smoking, which is sheltered.


A Hairdresser is available for all services. Enquire with the manager (Manager).


Your mail will be delivered to you each day; posting of mail will be done for you. Just ask your nurse or leave at the office.


A podiatrist calls every six weeks. Your matron will arrange an appointment.


Telephones can be available in your own room. Also a resident’s only phone is located at the side lounge.

Call Bell

These are in every room, lounge, hallway and toilet. All you need to do is press the button on the cord or the wall and an on duty staff will know immediately which room you are in, and can be there in seconds.


Your personal clothing will be laundered and ironed daily. Please ensure all garments are clearly marked and labeled.


If you have difficulties understanding any written documents or verbal conversations, we will be happy to arrange an interpreter, as your cultural needs and values are very important to us.

Outings and Entertainment

Regular bus trips for approximately one hour (usually a scenic cruise around Auckland or other places of interest), Shopping trips arranged (You will be informed) exercise to music therapy, bingo, occupational therapy bowls, visiting entertainers, and special functions, Church and other group visitors.

Access to:

A Lawyer, Accountant or Public Trust can be arranged by the manager (Matron).

Fire Compliance

We have a fire drill every six months. Incase of this unfortunate emergency occurring, our staff are prepared and will assume all authority.


We have no set visiting hours, because we feel this is our resident’s home. As we respect their cultural needs and privacy we ask that you do the same also. It may be a good idea that you let your friends and family know our meal times so they can avoid these times.

Personal Belongings

Loss of and damage to personal effects.

All care is taken to ensure personal effects are cared for to the best of our ability, but we do not accept responsibility for loss or damage.

Clothing and personal effects must be clearly named. Any items not clearly marked with the residents name should have this attended to prior to the item being used in the rest home.

All personal property such as Televisions, walking frames, spectacles, dentures etc, Should be clearly marked with the resident’s name.

It should be explained to the resident/residents agent that, while the rest home will take reasonable care and precautions, it accepts no responsibility for items left with residents.


The resident may keep an item of jewelry on their person or in there room but again, the rest home does not accept responsibility for them.

The resident/residents agent should be told it is advisable to keep no more than a few dollars in their room.

The policy of this rest home and hospital is we have a safe in the office where residents may by choice have their valuables stored.

Only the management has the key to access this safe.

Meals, Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea

Each day we try our best to provide an interesting and varied menu.

If there is something special that you would prefer or your diet requires we will so our utmost to provide it for you.

Should you be dissatisfied with your meal we would like to know and will be happy to discuss it with you.